Full Moon Yin and Breathwork in Den Haag

Grounding practices to carry the stirred up emotional body

During the Full Moon, the channels in our bodies are naturally more open, allowing the breath and the more subtle energy that travels in our body to reach deeper places. This means that on Moon Days, we are helped by nature and have greater benefits that last longer than on a regular day. You may also notice some intensity during Full Moons, so we need grounding practices to carry the stirred up emotional body with as much grace as we can muster.

We will use this day to work the subtle body with a yin pose and breathwork, followed by a joint contemplation on the particular sign of the zodiac in the collective energy.

The community of meditators is growing and we need each other to create a special force field that will linger and ripple out into the world. We look forward to creating this together. With a calm clear mind, we see things as they really are. We can recognize our full potential and come home to our inner guidance.

Teacher: Irina van der SLuijs
Location: Den Haag, Scheveningseweg
Price: Regular Class Fee

Dates and times:
Jan. 18 tue 07:30-08;30
Feb. 16 wed 07:30-08:30
Mar. 18 fri 07:30-08:30
Apr. 16 sat 07:30-08:30
May 16 mon 07:30-08:30
June 14 wed 07:30-08:30
July 13 wed 07:30-08:30
Aug. 12 fri 07:30-08:30
Sept 01 sat 07:30-08:30
Okt 09 sun 07:30-08:30
Nov. 8 tue 07:30-08:30
Dec. 8 thu 07:30-08:30

Full Moon Yin and Breathwork Teachers

Irina van der Sluijs
Irina van der Sluijs
Scheveningseweg, Den Haag
Irina feels a deep longing for exploring consciousness. She used to sit in silence for hours in the church of her hometown and felt at ease in the surrounding nature with animal life. Later on it was in dance where she experienced the freedom and endless space that is ours to roam. In 2003 Irina discovered Astanga Vinyasa Yoga when she entered a Mysore- room for the first time. It was still early in the morning– Amsterdam was sound asleep – but here everybody was wide awake, present and breathing as one. Irina felt an immediate connection and the practice became her companion, in good times and in bad. Good and bad, heaven and earth; our existence is by nature bi-polar. It therefor didn’t take long before Yin Yoga crossed Irina’s path. This gentle form of yoga is a welcome addition to dynamic forms as it nurtures and heals on a deep level. Irina practices a style of Yin that includes Buddhist teachings, cultivating attention and awareness (mindfulness). The quality of breath and meditative aspects are central in Irina’s classes. She loves helping and motivating students to start their own daily yoga practice. Irina continues her studies with various teachers, in particular Claudia Pradella, Petri Räisänen and Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga Institute). Irina completed over 300 hours of teacher trainings. More information: www.irinavandersluijs.nl
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