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Voluntary Host Support Den Haag (starting November 2021)

As voluntary Host Support you are the first face a student sees when walking in, and are in that moment, the face of Delight Yoga. 


At Delight Yoga, a Host Support is more than just someone who gives everyone walking through the door a warm welcome and makes sure the tea is ready. We also like to call our Host Support ‘space holders’.


When working a shift, as a Host Support, you take care of the people in the space by giving them a warm welcome, offering them service and making sure everyone feels seen. Physically you take care of the space by doing some cleaning tasks to maintain a clean and open space. Also you will be taking care of practically making sure a students’ experience is as comfortable as possible, and you will be taking care of things such as refilling soap dispensers, toilet paper etc. Energetically you take care of the space by taking a moment to tune in with yourself and in your own way open* the space, make sure to put effort in working your shift with as much awareness and care as possible, and when you close off, again in your own way close* the space.


* This can both be just by taking a moment of thinking about it, putting in the energy ‘’I am here to hold the space for whatever and whoever comes along in my shift’’, or doing a little ritual that resonates for you and shares a similar underlying message.

Is it you we’re looking for;)?


Who are we looking for?


We are looking for someone with an affinity for Yoga (in the broadest sense) and carries a warm heart for Delight. As a host support you are proactive and able to work by yourself. You anticipate on what is coming, and always aim for smooth processes, either for yourself, a teacher or the colleague who works the next shift. 


You care about hospitality and want our students to have the best Delight experience possible. Specifically at Delight Yoga, this is not just greeting someone when they walk in, but really trying to connect with them; and from that connection stay sensitive for what approach fits who. You have eye for detail in the studio as well as behind the scenes. (P.S. you speak/write/read both Dutch and English and live in The Hague)


Delight’s values are Awakening, Connecting, Growing, Caring and Healing and we strive to use these values as an anchor in everything we do. If these words resonate with you, and you feel called to reach out to us, please have a look at what this job practically means for you below.

· We currently hiring for our studio at Scheveningseweg

· Startdate: November 1st 

· You will approximately be working 1 shifts per week (total 5 hours)

· Your shifts will be in the early evening (Tuesday or Wednesday)

· We will both set the intention of working together for at least 6 months

· Our onboarding period will be one month, after that, together we evaluate if we want to proceed with the other 5 months

· There is a high degree of independence during your shift

· You will be invited for internal meetings and gatherings

· You will receive an expense allowance of €35 a month and on top of that you will get free access to unlimited yoga classes.

Please find an example of what a shift could look like below: 


PM Shift (17:45 - 22:15) 

Opening:  Energetically opening the space in your own authentic way, putting out there that you are there to ‘carry' the space and whatever arises in the moment. Making sure all candles are lit, tea (to go) is prepared etc. 

Mid shift: You will be the face of Delight for our students when you’re hosting a shift. You will let them in and sign them into the classes in our online system MindBody. If someone wants to purchase something, you will take care of the payment. 

You will also be the one to inform our students about yoga styles and guide them on their path, especially if they’re new to yoga. This also requires some homework in terms of: joining different classes from different teachers, so you’ll be able to guide our students best in this.

Closing: You make sure everything is back in place and tidy for the next person to open their shift and have a fresh start in this. Candles are replaced, soap is filled, there is water in the waterboiler etc. Energetically you also close the space, again in your own way. So also this can be handed over to the next person. 

Throughout all parts of the shift, there is a checklist to work with to support you.



If you are interested in joining our team in The Hague, please send your resume and motivation before Ocober 19th to: