Your Inner Journey

We hope to inspire you on the path of love and light

Your Inner Journey

Yoga can be a nice way to gain strength and flexibility or heal injuries. Often we start for these reasons, but at some point we notice it’s not only about that. More things happen!

We are more aware of our body, we develop a preference for healthy and pure food, we experience clarity and may even find our deeper purpose. All by getting yourself on your mat.

Delight Yoga is about that. About guiding you in your journey within. We dedicate each month to a theme, which we contemplate more, we offer a diversity of yoga styles - including Astanga Mysore - Satsangs where we gather to speak about life questions, and offer five meditation styles.

We hope to inspire you on the path of love and light.

Would you like some personal guidance? Book a one-on-one session with a teacher.

Whether you are a beginner, new at Delight or looking for advice to reach your goals or overcoming a particular issue, we gladly help you find your way by composing an individual program especially for you. Book a guidance here.

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