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Chrisey den Ouden


Chrisey has always been looking for the essence of things. First she tried to understand people and their behaviour better by studying Acting and Theatre. It was observing in a playful way. In 2009 she visited India for the first time and felt connected to this country instantly. But it was in 2012  that she took her first yoga class and everything fell into place. To make a connection between mind, body and emotions was something that she had always been searching for and in Yoga she found this.
She started with The Pre Teacher Training in 2014 with Govinda Kai and then followed The Basic Teacher Training with Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj in 2015. In 2016 she participated on The Heart Retreat and then did the Yoga and Mindfulness Training with Kristen Vikjord Paternotte in 2018. In 2019 she will complete Yoga and Healing Module and The Mind Retreat.
Chrisey also has her own practice where she teaches Yoga one on one. Her aim is to help people relax in this time where we seem to glorify being busy. We lose the sense of being connected to ourselves because we tend to be in our heads most of the time. In her classes, Chrisey will always start with the breath because she believes that it's essential as it is strongly related to our emotions. If we are connected to our breath we can start moving with calmness and awareness. 
By learning to accept and embrace ourselves the way we are we can start to be more kind to ourselves. 

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With Sido Wijga

20 October 2019

New to Yoga?  This Introduction to Yoga Program is the perfect way to begin (or reawaken) your yoga practice! We offer you a 2-hours’ introduction session and 5 beginners’ classes (within 30 days of your intro) for only 60 euro.


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