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Alixe & Dolores

About Alixe van Ogtrop

Alixe always knew she wanted to change the world. Starting in corporate life she discovered that the real change can only be made when the change is made within.

After a PTSD Alixe went on her own healing journey, when reconnecting with her True Self and coming back home (within) she could not, not start to guide other people back to their own Inner Being.

After having done energetic and shamanic healing trainings and a deep dive into various healing traditions she has also started a more science based psychotherapy education focused on trauma, depression and burnout; Human Givens. In this way she can bridge the scientific mechanisms of the brain with the more intuitive and energetic work. Besides being the bridge between these healing/coaching services she is also the bridge between the business and holistic world.

Alixe is guiding people by one on one sessions, by holding women circles, full moon ceremonies and by offering 10 week intensive programs to dive deep in.


About Dolores Höppener

Mae (Dolores) Höppener has been an advocate for connection, peace and love for long as she can remember. The purpose of her work is to reconnect people with what is Truth.

As a child, she experienced that there is more to life than what we can see with our eyes and that our body is a very intelligent messenger. She experienced that when we listen to the messages, our body helps us to live in freedom, peace and joy. Questions like: "what is reality?", "who am I", "why am I here" and "where do we go" fascinated her. Eager to contribute to a better future, bridging the gap between business and creation – to make it work.

By going on her own inner journey she feels we can all benefit from the reality behind spiritual systems. She uses the tools she learned to help and inspire others. She is creative, strategic, loves communication, writing, and has a big passion for art. 

These days Mae found the tools to be that advocate for connection, peace and love. She helps people to heal themselves in a one to one, a 3 months intensive program and workshops. You can also ask her to clear your house and she loves to hold meditations at organisations - next to helping them with team work, communication and strategy. 

She has done a certified yoga teacher training, is a certified Shin do and Reiki practitioner and certified conscious therapist. With all her tools and experience she guides others back to their hearts and holds space for others to heal.

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Mindfulness to empower emotional wellbeing Would you like to boost your inner spark? Would you like to reduce stress or lockdown fatigue? Would you like to calm your mind and learn mindfulness fully?


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