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Anaisa Seneda

Anaisa Seneda is a coach, teacher, and facilitator with a passion for helping people to reconnect with their authentic truth. She is especially motivated to foster team collaboration and feminine wisdom.

Always fascinated by learning, Anaisa has studied and integrated both alternative and traditional therapeutic domains, including psychoanalysis, positive psychology, yoga, reiki, qigong, Taoist sexual arts, and tantra. She brings alchemy to her tailor-made workshops and healing sessions through guided visualization, assisted breath, healing sounds, group dynamics, inquiry, and movement.

Prior to embracing her path in energy healing, Anaisa held multiple executive roles in the corporate world. Although she didn't know it at the time, her experience in business laid the foundation for her understanding of human relations. Nowadays, she invites spirituality in her business coaching practice by using shamanic healing methods for teams and organizations, especially in conflict resolution. Having worked on three continents, Anaisa is comfortable with multicultural groups from diverse backgrounds.

Her mind-body certifications include Tao Tantric Arts Facilitator by the Universal Healing Tao system of Mantak Chia, Lifestyle & Business Coach by the Brazilian Association of Coaching, Yoga teacher by Delight Academy. Anaisa is currently working towards the completion of her Ayurveda Practitioner Training. 


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Astanga Yoga: Practice Foundation Course

With Lidewij Severins & Marilou van Hoek

Starting on 04 October 2020

Would you like to broaden your understanding of Astanga Yoga or would you like to establish a regular practice? Get confident with the main aspects of the Astanga Yoga system: breath, bandhas, drishti and vinyasa, and get a solid base from which you can continue your self-practice.


€ 350

Ayurvedic Nutrition Course 2020

With Liese van Dam

Starting on 09 October 2020

This Ayurvedic nutrition course is for those who want to know what Ayurvedic nutrition can mean for them in modern Western life. Going deeply into the basics of classical Ayurvedic nutrition, this course translates ancient knowledge into whatever is needed here and now in the West.


€ 1.020

The Mind Retreat

With Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj

01 January 2021

1 January - 10 January 2021, Mandali, Italy An unique opportunity to dive within the Infinite Universe of the Mind, guided by Katiza Satya & Kevin Sahaj in a 10 days retreat. Introduction This Retreat is a silent 10 days training where we’ll investigate the Mind as true scientist within our own laboratory.

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