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Asha Hossain & Hanneke Peeters

About Asha

After working in retail and recruitment for many years, Asha came in contact with her Self through yoga practice. Yoga created awareness, which she applies in every aspect of her life. She became aware that it is possible to follow one’s passion and live from the heart.


Her longing to share the positive effects of yoga with others brought her to the Arhanta Ashram in Khajuraho, India, where she obtained several trainings, such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & Yogatherapy. With a background in coaching and Ayurveda, Asha tries to inspire people on a daily basis, and to contribute to ‘Creating Awareness’. To be able to continue learning and sharing the beauty and purity of yoga she participates in workshops and trainings several times a year, with teachers such as Yogi Ram, David Lury & Mirjam Wagner.


Asha’s classes are an invitation to explore your Self, in an open, accessible manner. You create the space to explore heart and body, as far as you wish to go. Would you like to join in?


About Hanneke

Hanneke was curious to know more about personal growth in life, so she started to study Ayurveda & Sensi Therapy. During these studies, she noticed the positive effects of self-discovery and care in her own life. As a result of this process, she really felt the urge to share her insights and wisdom with other women, in the hope to give them faith in themselves.


Motherheart resonates with her because everything changed in her own life when she became a mother. She is a mother of two sons, the oldest is 7 and the youngest is almost 6 months. She struggled with motherhood, felt insecure and felt so much guilt towards her little son and realised soon, that wasn’t the place to raise kids from. She decided to start working on herself in order to be the mother she wanted to be. With not only a background in different holistic trainings but also the eagerness to grow as a human, she started to walk that path of self-discovery and healing. She uses the gifts of Mother Earth, like the moon, oils and crystals and soon found out that all these practices support her to feel empowered in who she is and in being a mom from a more loving & truthful place.


Since Motherhood is one of the most transformative and challenging transitions, she wishes to share her practices, experiences and knowledge with other mothers to (re)discover deep trust in themselves throughout each phase of motherhood.
In times of turmoil, her advice would be to take a walk in nature! It helps us to ground and feel at peace and brings us back to the source. If she could tell her younger self something it would be: trust yourself!



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