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Asha Hossain & Eliane Bernhard

About Asha

After working in retail and recruitment for many years, Asha came in contact with her Self through yoga practice. Yoga created awareness, which she applies in every aspect of her life. She became aware that it is possible to follow one’s passion and live from the heart.

Her longing to share the positive effects of yoga with others brought her to the Arhanta ashram in Khajuraho, India, where she obtained several trainings, such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & Yoga therapy. With a background in coaching and Ayurveda, Asha tries to inspire people on a daily basis, and to contribute to ‘Creating Awareness’. To be able to continue learning and sharing the beauty and purity of yoga she participates in workshops and trainings several times a year, with teachers such as Yogi Ram, David Lury & Mirjam Wagner.

Asha’s classes are an invitation to explore your Self, in an open, accessible manner. You create the space to explore heart and body, as far as you wish to go. Would you like to join in?

About Eliane

Eliane started her journey 9 years ago, sitting on a pillow at her very first meditation training. During her training she started to realise something very important: why aren't we teaching this during school, at our jobs or at least in the early days of our lives? She created a beautiful vision during that specific training.  If schools or other institutions don't bring this to our attention, then I will. I will make it my life's work to teach as many people as possible how to come back to your real self, during some or any kind of meditation.

So with that vision in the back of her mind she attempted serval meditation courses and studied Consciousness Coaching. Whilst coaching and giving meditation lessons she came across Yoga Nidra Training by chance (if that even exists). And she was immediately sold!

Everything fell into place after the first session and she knew she found the perfect platform to bring her vision to life. She is convinced that this is a technique whereby everyone in this modern age can come to a very deep state of relaxation and at the same time can make a magical journey in and with themselves. Moving forward to the present time, 9 years after that moment on her pillow, she can say that her vision has become a reality. Every day more and more people from all over the world are enjoying her Nidra sessions.



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