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Astrid Grootson

Astrid's love for yoga started many years ago, during her first yoga class at Delight Yoga Weteringschans. The introduction to yoga felt like a gift, providing the balance in life she was looking for.

Inspired by these experiences, Astrid decided to travel Asia for a few months to learn more about Vipassana meditation, yoga and Eastern cultures. This journey ignited a wish to deepen her yoga practice, which propelled her to embark on a yoga teacher training. During this training the thought arose: How wonderful would it be to be able to experience the benefits of yoga, already during childhood? She thence specaialized in Kids yoga, and started with providing lessons, introducing children to yoga and its philosophy in a playful way. T

he love for engaging with children turned out to be very enriching, so currently she is studying to become a primary school teacher. During these last years, Delight Yoga has always been a warm home base for her: A place where she always returns to, where she feels inspired by her teachers, where she finds peace and that brings her closer to herself. As a Studio Host, she wishes to contribute to a pleasant yoga place for others, where everyone feels at home and has the ability to grow.


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