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Carlijn Potma

Carlijn describes herself as ‘a hyper curious heavy dreamer with an intrinsic desire to create’.
She does what moves her - guided by that tingly gut feeling or sense of wonder - and believes in breaking boundaries. That’s exactly why she works within a wide constellation of disciplines: next to her role as Host at Delight, Carlijn spends her days as a visual artist (exploring sacredness and the art of attention), illustrator, tattoo artist, writer and photographer – with the practices of Yoga and meditation as interconnecting links. For her, that’s what Yoga is: a state of intimate connection with life as a whole – nurtured by self-love, guided by intuition and inspired by nature. As a native Frisian, her sense of presence rises in the water and the woods – with a well-respected second place for her sea blue mat!

Carlijn studied archaeology, art history and journalism at Leiden University, finished a teacher training at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam and is about to make her debut in guiding others on the Yogic path.

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