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Daphne Luttger

Astanga LedYin

Originally from Amsterdam, Daphne’s search in the outside world has brought her to her inner world. In 2008 she decided to take the Astanga Yoga Teacher Training with Johan Noorloos and Marcel van de Vis Heil. This decision has proven to be very important to her. She continued with advanced training with the help of Anat Geiger. Daphne has taken further workshops and trainings with David Swenson, Anthony Carlisi, Ross Rayburn, Mark Holzman and Martin Kirk, Kino Macgregor, Eddie Stern, Paul Dalaghan and her beloved teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley and Sarah and Ty Powers.

Though Daphne was trained in many styles of yoga like Freestyle Vinyasa and Hatha restorative, she now only teaches and practices Astanga, Yin yoga and Meditation/ Mindfulness. In these practices she finds the perfect balance between Yin and Yang qualities. In September 2015 she graduated as a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York and in December 2016, she completed the 60 hour Ayurvedic Nutrition Course with Coen van der Kroon.

Daphne teaches Yin and Astanga at our Nieuwe Achtergracht studio, as well as masterclasses and workshops. A few times per year she organises retreats with o.a. Tijn Touber & Juno Burger in Mandali; Italy, and in Hoorneboeg with HappySoulTravel.

Daphne hopes to inspire her students to turn their attention inward, getting in contact with their body, heart and mind, embracing their dualities and discovering that once you love yourself you automatically love others.


"Keep the vision, trust the process"


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Essentials of Yin Yoga (20-Hour Foundation Course)

With Daphne Luttger

Starting on 06 November 2021

This 3-day training is meant for students who would like to have a deeper understanding of yin yoga and the practice of yin yoga. What happens in our body when we are in a posture for a long period of time? How do the archetypal poses relate to meridians, organs, and emotions?


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