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Deborah Quibell

HathaVinyasaMeditation,  Healing Yoga

Often called a wandering seeker, Deborah came into yoga after immersing herself for years in the study of prana and the subtle body (with the founder of Pranic Healing). She is trained at the 500-hour level, and founded her own studio in Atlanta, GA in 2011, which she sold upon relocating to Europe.

Deborah approaches yoga as a total practice — the weaving together of body, breath, heart, mind, and spirit. She has dedicated many years of her life to studying the ancient yogic texts as they relate to the more subtle aspects of yoga, primarily energetic awareness, pranayama, and meditation. Her classes are a mixture of depth and lightness, pause and movement.

Currently pursuing her PhD in Depth Psychology, she holds a true passion for the reflective, mindful and spiritual path to wholeness, and enjoys guiding others, through healing and consultation, along their own unique road.

As a professional writer, editor, yoga teacher, and senior instructor in Pranic Healing, she now resides in Amsterdam, though travels the world frequently, and is a pure advocate of all things soulful, artistic and creative. You can find a few of her articles here: http://www.rebellesociety.com/author/deborah-quibell/.

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