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Dolores Höppener

What brought you to Delight?

“Awareness ;-). Haha, ironically, I think it was the practice of yoga that brought me to Delight (the light ;)). At a certain moment, I didn't want to (almost couldn't) put my effort in something that - to me - was not benefiting the world. Just a few days after this strong feeling, I bumped into Maarten. From the first moment, it felt good to start working together. I joined the team by working for Delight Agency from there I grew with the organisation. First, I was more focused on marketing, nowadays I am doing communication, community, and culture. Which means that I am at service to learn how we, as an organism, can help and guide people on their yogic path. #dreamjob"

How did yoga cross your path? 

“Probably a long time ago…before this life time ;-). 
Like all of us - when we are babies, toddlers, children - we (know how to) connect to that what we really are and some of us see the unseen. For me, it was like that. The unseen was just as real to me than what is visible to the naked eye. My parents are very open and they were aware of the intelligence of the body. One small and simple example of that is when I had cold feet my mom asked me where in my body I felt my breath and guided me to bring by breath to my feet. Breathing there, my feet got warm. Also, the way they responded to questions, I can see now, really opened me for something bigger than myself. That is possible to create your own world. But, I didn't practice yoga or meditation since I was little. Life learned me a lot. Like by having had big accidents, I experienced how I could heal my own body. On my 21st I was blessed to experience darkness. When I surrendered to that, I saw all is Light. It was around that time that felt the urge to do more asana, which really did benefit me.


What is your favourite style? 

"When I found Astanga yoga at the Astanga Yoga School in West (Claudia’s former school), I knew this was something that resonated with me deeply. I didn’t know anything about it, but I felt the depth and realness of this practice. Although this feeling, it took me years (and years!) to really integrate asana as a daily practice. It’s when I found the softness of the Astanga Yoga System, that I fully understood asana and really wanted to practice this next to other yogic practices like meditation, pranayama, chanting, integrating the Yamas & Niyamas, dream yoga, etc, etc. I see yoga as a way of life, not a style which you can like or not - although I am happy with the different paths of yoga as this gives multiple routes for us to end suffering." 

“Even though human birth is considered the greatest of good fortune because humans have the chance to hear and practice the teachings, only a tiny minority of us ever find our way to, and avail ourselves of, this great opportunity.”

— Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche



What is your morning ritual? 

"I love mornings! I wake up with so much energy and joy to start a new day. I really take time in the morning, if you read my routine you know why, it's quite a lot that I like to do ;-). My routine includes scraping my tongue (yeah, this is an Ayurveda thing, it's really nice and has too many benefits not to do it), letting go of my dreams, intentionally starting the day with a mantra (see the next question), meditation, pranayama, kriya’s, asana and I used to write a poem every morning. Only since I’m back from the Intensive Teacher Training (you can read about my experience here) my asana practice takes up way more time so I choose another moment to write. To me, mornings are great because they are so fresh; it feels like I can start all over and see everything anew. I love to cleanse, commit myself to stay present and spread my love to anyone, anywhere. - I think a lot of people, maybe you too, don’t experience the freshness of the morning. I noticed that letting go of your day when you go to bed really helps and going to sleep with 3 things that you are grateful off too! Try it for yourself." 


What is your favorite mantra or quote? 

With total acceptance and joy, I begin this new day with new eyes. I will let go of control and will not allow my memories to be my guide; in it's place I choose love. Choosing peace will be my only alternative and returning to my inner self, my essence, will be my only aim. In benefit of all beings without exception. Thank you, thank, thank you."

"When I read this mantra in 'Being happier than the Dalai Lama’, a book by Jose Antonio Manchado, these words spoke to me. They felt exactly the way I feel about life, but I never had the right words for it. By saying this mantra every morning for about half a year I experienced the real power of intentions. It's becoming reality."


What would you recommend your best friend to integrate into her or his life? (why?)

“Any friend, anyone, I recommend: make inner peace your main priority, enjoy life and share your Light....!! 

Don't feel that or find it difficult? I recommend creating a morning ritual that suits, that charges you and cleanses / purifies your body. Starting very small and easy but doing it every day. I would look for a mantra that my friend resonates with, I could suggest writing (just for the benefit of reflecting your thoughts) and I would see what small pranayama or asana practice would suit my friend's preference, time and dedication.  

Also, I really suggest trusting in this:  Life is great; it's always with you, never against!" 


What is your secret skill? 

“Mmm, as people do not expect this from me: I really love to make things structured and ordered. For example, I like how things are structured on the online or in excel. I want every document in the right folder and to choose the right name for each folder, the excel sheets  needs  to be logic, structured and look good (yes, that's possible, also with excel ;)). Kinda neurotic, whoops."

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