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Eileen Terpstra

For Eileen yoga is this road. She discovered Yoga at a difficult time in her life. Starting with a meditation practice, she slowly developed a home asana practice. It helped her to ground and find clarity. She has found countless time in her practice that you need to break things (usually old habits) down before you can build a happier path for yourself. After feeling the effects of her baby-practice, she wanted to delve deeper in this wonderful yogi world and started practicing at Delight. Here she found inspiration talking to all the amazing teachers and colleagues. Now she is studying Psychology and beginning her yoga teacher training, hoping that one day she can help others find the gift of yoga. She is not sure yet how she will combine the two, even three with her Bachelors in International Relations, but she in confident some day she will find a way to help others. 

As a studio host Eileen wants to make everyone comfortable and find their inspiration. She is always open to whatever you want to get of your chest. Whether you just want to talk about something fun that happened, your plans afterwards or something that is going on in your life, she is always ready to listen and be there for you.

“Ruin is a gift, ruin is the road to transformation” – Elizabeth Gilbert.

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