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Erica Jago & Jade Dexter

About Erica

Erica Jago is an accomplished graphic designer, who's book, Art of Attention, was ranked #1 for book design on Amazon.com and is now translated into 5 languages. Combining storytelling, emotionally connected classes, visionary art and framed nature, her way of teaching inspires inner knowing, interconnectedness and spiritual care. Erica’s methodology of yoga and design is a vital tool for transforming instructional concepts into artful and meaningful class experiences.
Erica is currently based in Amsterdam working on her second book, Angelus, an experiential chakra workbook due out in 2018. To discover more about Erica please visit http://www.angelusbook.com

About Jade

Jade is on a mission to shed light on the fundamental principal of Oneness, with heart and earth infused medicine. She has hosted Ceremonial Tea Meditations in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Polynesia and United States.

From stillness, she also explores the body-mind-soul dance through Somatic Yin Yoga, Mindful Movements, Traditional Thai Massage & Reflexology treatments.

Jade also have a boutique tea line, WAO TEA , where she has put available all the teas that she has personally selected and curated from ancient tea plantations in Asia. In addition to the Tea Meditation practice, she also offers Introduction to Cha Dao classes, where she teaches about tea culture.

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Prison Yoga Workshop

With James Fox

Starting on 29 September 2018

Share the power of yoga with people impacted by trauma. The Prison Yoga Project, in collaboration with Delight Yoga, is offering a special workshop for yoga teachers and committed yoga practitioners interested in working with people who have been impacted by trauma.