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Francesca Gobeille

YinMeditation,  Restorative,  Mindfulness

Francesca is a second-generation Yoga teacher.  She brings her lifetime of spiritual practice and study into her classes. Her passion is integrating spirituality and mindfulness with everyday, human life: body, mind, emotions, environment. To this end, she has studied many lineages of meditation and Yoga, Qigong, psychology, neuroscience, Traditional Chinese Medicine, aromatherapy, and the Alexander Technique.

Her classes incorporate practices from these studies.  Ease and present-moment attention are the foundation of each class.Francesca is also an Alexander Technique teacher. 

Her private sessions help people access freedom of movement, pain-free bodies, and calm, awake minds.  For more information, please see francescagobeille.com


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Introduction to Qigong

With Francesca Gobeille

15 August 2021

“In stillness be like the pine, In movement be like clouds and water.”​ - Qigong proverb   Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing system of energy cultivation, which has been used for centuries to promote health, spiritual development, and as the foundation of martial arts.


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