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Gabriele Karpf


Gabriele Karpf is a healing practitioner who has set up her own clinic in Munich in 1999. Her clinical emphasis lies on Ayurvedic Medicine and Psychotherapy. She also shares her wisdom and teachings through retreats, workshops and lectures. 

For 15 years Gabriele was successfully sharing her creativity in the art business. Early in her 20's she discovered her interest for psychology and personal growth. In 1996 she finally decided to turn her passion into her profession and started a 4 year intensive training in Gestaltherapy and joined profound trainings in Ayurvedic Medicine in Germany and Switzerland.

After that, she received a strong inner calling to deepen her studies in Kerala, the homeland of Ayurveda. She was fortunate to meet Dr. Vijith there, a gifted Ayurvedic teacher and doctor. He gave her an intensive individual training in Gurukula style in one of the ancient texts from Vagbhata "Ashtanga Samgraha". At the same time, she started giving treatments to Dr. Vijith's patients. Since a few years, she has been teaching Ayurveda in theory and practice at different institutions in Germany.

For her own inner development, she practices Hatha Yoga and the heart-based meditation system of Sahaj Marg (The Natural Path), a form of Raja Yoga. She is deeply motivated to combine the "brain with the heart". 

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Foundation Yoga Program - Pre Teacher Training

With Katiza Satya & Kevin Sahaj

Starting on 28 April 2018

This program is designed to prepare you for the experience of the Basic Teacher Training Intensive Retreat. Guided by Satya and Sahaj over a period of 6 days, you will get a solid foundation from which to continue your practice in preparation for the Basic Training.



Astanga Yoga: Practice Foundation Course

With Jurre & Megan

Starting on 05 May 2018

Would you like to broaden your understanding of astanga yoga or would you like to establish a regular practice? Get confident with the three main aspects of the astanga yoga system: breath, bandhas and drishti and get a solid base from which you can continue your self-practice.

Den Haag


Yoga & Mindfulness (50 hours)

With Kristin Vikjord Paternotte

Starting on 09 May 2018

As yoga teachers, we invite our students beyond the realm of asana and physical practice. We invite to an attitude of mindfulness, where kindness, compassion and curiosity is practiced for us to open the gateway to be in the moment, to freedom.