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Githa van Leeuwen

Githa’s love for yoga started during a cloudy and dark period of her life. Her father had lung cancer. Before he passed away, she had seen him fighting and suffering for two years. What she didn't know yet, is that she had been fighting too. Not against the illness, but against her feelings of fear and injustice.

During this time Githa felt disconnected to herself. She was hoping to see the bright sky again, but at that time she only saw a massive storm. While she was waiting for the storm to pass, she started to take yoga classes at her former gym. Yoga made her face the situation and the way she felt about that. It made her face her true Self. 

From that moment, suddenly in class, she noticed all subtle changes that happened not only in her physical body but also in the emotional, mental and spiritual body. She began to understand that the bright sky never went away and that the dark clouds are just a reflection of her feelings and thoughts. From this point, yoga has touched Githa's heart, and she knew that she wanted to dedicate her life to the yoga path.
And now you are wondering, how did she connect with Delight Yoga? Well, Githa discovered Delight Yoga when she was looking for an Internship for her studies that contained communication ánd yoga. Maybe you could say that she was lucky: In August 2016 she was able to join the Delight office team in the position of a marketing and communication intern.
After this internship for six months, she felt that she wanted to fulfil a higher purpose for Delight (The light, and for the sake of love). For this reason, she committed to write her final research theses at Delight Yoga and to stay for another six months internship. To write this thesis, Githa felt she needed to connect more closely with the students of Delight Yoga and from this moment she began to work in the studio as a host too. She loved to connect with the students and teachers in the studio so much that she stayed part-time in the position of host and part-time as marketing and communications coordinator.

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Prison Yoga Workshop

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Starting on 29 September 2018

Share the power of yoga with people impacted by trauma. The Prison Yoga Project, in collaboration with Delight Yoga, is offering a special workshop for yoga teachers and committed yoga practitioners interested in working with people who have been impacted by trauma.