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Hans Kloosterman


Hans Kloosterman is an adherent of Tibetan Buddhism, studying at the Tibetan Kagyu Vasjrayana Institute in Huy, Belgium: a small monastic community of lamas, monks and nuns. He lived for six years as a monk in training and has been studying Buddhism since 2005. From 2000 to 2005 he followed three years of Hatha training and two years of meditation training at Osmose in The Hague. 

Hans teaches classical Hatha yoga, Chi Kong and shamatha (silent), vipassana (analytical) and samadhi (non dual) meditation. In the mindfulness training he teaches people to be fully present in the moment and become aware of three levels: the physical, emotional and mental level. The eight-weeks mindfulness training for beginners 1.0 is in accordance with MBSR training of Jon Kabat Zinn. Hans has written a sequel: Mindfulness 2.0, where mindfulness and compassion are the main tools on the path to total liberation from suffering. 
Hans organizes yoga and mindfulness workshops, trainings and trips internationally. He is the author of the recently published autobiographical book 'From snob to monk'. His Mission is: "Creating Awareness". See also on www.hanskloosterman.com.

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