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Hedi de Vree & Janneke Krijgsman

About Hedi

Hedi de Vree (1976, Stavanger Norway) has vivid childhood memories of watching her girlfriends drop to the floor in splits and do cartwheels, while she wondered why her own body wouldn’t move in that easy way.

In 2008 as she stood in her first yoga class she was reminded of those childhood feelings: she felt stiff and fearful and utterly inadequate. But rather than magnify those feelings, yoga gave her tools to deal with her insecurities – and she found that flexibility and fear could be worked on. Since then Hedi has found many valuable lessons in yoga. In 2015 she published a memoire on her yoga journey (Blijven ademhalen) with the hope she could inspire others to find their way to happier healthier lives. 

Hedi completed her first teacher training at the Ashtanga Yoga Academy in Rotterdam, under the guidance of Manju Jois, in 2014. Since then she has completed the Advanced Studies program at Delight Yoga under the guidance of Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj and has participated in workshops and courses on many styles and practices ranging frrom Ayurvedic studies to Pranayam and Yin. She is a student of Sarah Powers at the Insight Yoga Institute where she studies the integration of Buddhist practices, spiritual psychology and yoga. Hedi is fully dedicated to the yoga path, both as a student and as a teacher and her practice is deeply inspired by buddhism and meditation practices.

Her goal as a teacher is to create space for yogis of all body types, walks of life, and backgrounds and all levels of practice, to experience the true message of yoga and find union of mind, body and spirit, and presence in the here and now. She believes that no matter what you are dealing with, there are answers for you in yoga. 


About Janneke

Janneke believes that the outer world is seen through the eyes of the inner world. Yoga and meditation are her favorite ways to connect to that inner world. Sometimes through a powerful flow that fires your body up, sometimes by being still and simply listening to what your body has to say. Always with awareness of the breath. 

Janneke started her yoga journey around 10 years ago. Besides the physical benefits she soon discovered the beauty behind the asana’s. She learned that being strong sometimes actually means being gentle. That being courageous has more to do with being genuine and open, than with being tough.

She started her first Hatha Teacher Training in 2011 and completed a 200 HR Vinyasa Teacher Training and Advanced course (50 HR) at De Nieuwe Yogaschool in 2016. Her study of Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence (2017), including a Vipassana retreat, deepened her meditation and yoga practice.

The practice and teachings of yoga and meditation play an important role in the greater journey to self-awareness that Janneke makes with love and dedication.

In her classes she loves to bring you back from outside to inside, from the past and future to the now,
from the head to the heart. Janneke teaches Vinyasa flow, Hatha flow and Mindfulness.


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