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Ilanit de Wilde


Ilanit has been practising Yoga since 2011. She’s got so enthusiastic about the benefits of Yoga to her body and mind, she decided to follow several Yoga Teacher Trainings. One of those trainings considers Virtues Yoga in Amsterdam. What makes Virtue Yoga so special?  Virtues Yoga means yoga by heart. The sometimes difficult Yoga philosophy is easy explained in Virtues Yoga. Thereby each Yoga class comes with virtue. The asanas are related tot that specific Virtue.  Some virtues like, love – peacefulness – courage – beauty – friendliness – compassion, serve you to inspire.

Ilanit’s mission is to share the beauty of yoga, meditation, wellness in order to maximize the quality of life. She also teaches Business Yoga according to the principles of Kundalini Yogi Bajan. These special developed NINMINMAX Yoga Sessions are in particular for those sitting behind their desks. The purpose is to efficiently recharging yourself during a office day.

Ilanit is a pure Osho follower who spent her early years growing up in the Ashrams of Osho all over the world. Teaching Yoga & Osho meditations is her passion and she is not afraid to share lots of joy and fun in her class! Together with creativity during a training she likes to encourage students to have half as fun in participating as she has in leading them.


We love Life, and Life loves us! 



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