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Irene Bakker

When finding herself at a point in her life where she was unable to find that  peace of mind she had been looking for all her life, Irene decided that is was time  to try a different approach and had her first experience with yoga at Delight Yoga. After her introduction with yoga she got inspired by the yoga practice itself and by the people that are part of this ‘Delight community’.

Practicing yoga enables her to find peace of mind and challenges her to get the best out of herself. She quickly found an interest in the meditative part of practicing yoga and soon joined the Mindfulness Training (MBSR) at Delight Yoga. She fully dove into the world of yoga and meditation and witnessed herself transforming in a way she never thought possible. As she is still at the beginning of discovering the world of yoga she is focussed and eager to learn more about it every day.

oga and meditation enable her to give love and strength to herself and to others and she hopes continue doing so as a host at Delight Yoga. 

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04 June 2017

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The Pranayama Journey

With Arno Nistal Ten Veen

03 June 2017

Typically, we only use 30 percent of our full breathing potential. Because our breath is connected to prana (or life-force), this results in a continuous lack of energy. Additionally, 70 percent of our detox processes happen through our breath.