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Iryna Ivanova

Prenatal Yoga

Iryna, coming from Ukraine and having traveled the world, has found her home and love for yoga in Amsterdam. Iryna’s journey into yoga started from 500 Hours Hatha Teacher Training in Svaha Yoga, with an in-depth study of Hatha yoga postures, pranayama breathing and yoga sutra’s and philosophy. Fascinated by the magic of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, Iryna continued deepening her knowledge and sharing it with students while teaching in yoga studios, offices and companies.

Next to this, Iryna discovered her purpose in teaching Prenatal yoga. “I feel so honoured and grateful to be supporting women in this beautiful stage of their lives and helping them bring new life into this world,” - Iryna says when sharing how she feels when teaching her Prenatal classes. Iryna also helps women in their pre-pregnancy journey with fertility yoga. 

When designing and teaching her prenatal and other yoga classes, Iryna sees it as creating a symphony - where everything flows in harmony - breath by breath, moment by moment: starting from setting a heartfelt intention, continuing with pranayama breathing rituals, followed by yoga postures deepening body-mind connection, finishing with a deep relaxation and yoga-nidra inspired meditation. 

Dance to the music of your dreams and step will bring you joy,” - this is what Iryna believes in and lives by.  

You can learn more about her and her journey on her Instagram


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