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Isabella Machinè

Isabella is co-founder of “Go with the Glow” women’s and relationship coach. Throughout her own journey, she has learned to incorporate self-love and finding her own strength. Realizing that she is responsible for her own life and happiness. She believes that finding the balance of having a career that she is passionate about allows her to have room to practice self-care minus the guilt. Allowing her to be a loving, happy mother to her son.


Becoming a mother brought about a deep transformation, one that I truly embraced with an open heart. It set the stage for me to accompany other women and mothers along on their own journey of transformation.

She guides women through their own transformation processes by using a variety of elements such as Taoism, image relationship therapy and energy work, as well pulling from her own experiences with coaching, mindfulness, psychology, sensuality and sexuality.


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Motherheart Circle: Dance with the Goddess Within

With Isabella Machinè

04 June 2021

The moment we enter motherhood, our mother heart is ignited. A big brave heart of gold that is held by our children. Our well-being becomes deeply connected with that of our children. Their happiness is that of our own. Their sadness is ours.


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