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Jasmijn Dijkstra


Born December 1979 Jasmijn has the goal driven energy of a Sagittarius. Helping people is in Jasmijns blood. She has a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and she has worked as a Social Worker in Holland and the UK. As she wasn’t always able to reach the goals she had set, she called it quits in 2012 and called upon the universe to show her her true purpose. 

Jasmijn travelled to India in the fall of 2013 to return as a yoga teacher. In India she studied Classical Hatha at the Arhantha Ashram of Yogi Ram and was fortunate to receive Asana practice by Yogi Madhav. Jasmijn is inspired by the openness and truthfulness of Rachel Brathen, and attended her workshop in 2013. Her biggest inspirations are other Yoga teachers, like Dieke Bikker who she joined for a year Partner Yoga Teacher Training in 2015. She enjoyed attending a Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in January 2016 with her dear friend Boban Krstic and workshops with various teachers like David Lurey, Mirjam Wagner, Shiva Rea, Jason Niemer, David Swenson, Joanna & Mark Darbey, Tiffany Cruishank and many more. 

According to Jasmijn the study never stops, and this what she loves about being a Yoga teacher. Jasmijn aims to inspire her students to explore and expand their physical and mental boundaries through Asana, Pranayama and Yoga and worldly wisdoms she likes to share. 

Seeing all her students come to a complete relaxation in Savasana, gives her a great sense of fulfilment. 
“Realigning Body, Mind and Spirit” is her motto. 

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