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Jason Winter

Move your body and dance yourself free! Jason is a gifted dancer with a great sense for choreography. His classes are open for dancers of all levels as well as non-dancers. His goal is to have you walk out with more confidence and a sense of freedom. He believes that everyone can dance and knows how to touch people and motivate them to move their bodies to the music.


During his free movement classes, you will build self-confidence and learn to move your body in a self-healing way. With tools and wisdom, you will explore your movement vocabulary. His classes are based on multiple different dance techniques that Jason has learned over the years at AHK Dance Academy and in his own journey of exploring dance as a way to connect with himself, heal and become free.


The techniques include modern contemporary, jazz, house dance, hip-hop, ballet, modern floor work. Jason mixes lot of styles with the most important thing: your own spirit! It is an opportunity to overcome your fears and free yourself through dance.


“I believe 
can dance." - Jason Winter



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Yoga & Mindfulness to Empower Emotional Wellbeing (50-hour Training) - Online

With Kristin Vikjord

Starting on 21 January 2022

Mindfulness to empower emotional wellbeing Would you like to boost your inner spark? Would you like to reduce stress or lockdown fatigue? Would you like to calm your mind and learn mindfulness fully?


€ 555

Delight Introduction Card

5 yoga classes for only €50

Only 10 euro per class
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