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Jessica Put

Astanga Led,  Astanga Mysore (Beginners)


From a young age Jessica was into movement and sports. Mostly field hockey and dancing was what she loved to do. During her student years as a young adult she got into (marathon)running. In hindsight a big part of what she loved about running long distances was that it could bring her into a meditative state. After years of loads of running she was experiencing a lot of injuries and was given the advice to try yoga, because would be good for her body. With that idea in mind: ‘that yoga would be good for her body’ she gave it a try.. “But boy was I in for so much more” is what she says now. 


In 2011 she was introduced to Ashtanga yoga by her dear friend Sasha van Aalst. Sasha was teaching a small intimate group of people at various locations, mostly art galleries across town. Soon she found herself looking forward to class already a week in advance! 


When Sasha announced she would be leaving to pursue her yogic studies in India for an unlimited amount of time, Jessicaasked her what to do. Sasha told her visit Claudia Pradella’smysore shala in West which is what she did. Soon after, thatshala merged with Delight and became the mysoreprogramme at de Clercqstraat. Jessica has been practicing mysore style ever since.  In 2017 she completed a 200hr training with her teachers Claudia Pradella and Eva Ugolini. 


Since she embarked on her yoga journey she has received guidance from various teachers such as Claudia Pradella, Eva Ugolini, R. Sharath Jois, Dr Vidwan Vijaya Kumar, Angela Jamison and Sasha van Aalst which she is all very grateful for. 


One of the amazing things that she has learned from this practice is how to cultivate softness and stillness in what can look like a hard and rigorous practice. Creating space for this softness has taught her how to be kind towards herself and with that, to be more kind to the people and world around her. 


These are the qualities she likes to emphasize and share when guiding students through their Ashtanga practice. 


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