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Johanna Sun-Wha Lundqvist


Johanna started practicing yoga at the age of 16. With time she discovered that yoga was not only a tool to stay healthy in the physical body, but most of all in mind and heart. As she discovered the beauty of practicing yoga she recognised a different truth, free from the ego. That is when she decided to pursue a new path in life and to leave her university studies behind in order to teach yoga full time. 

Johanna is originally from Stockholm, Sweden with roots from South Korea as well as her home country. It was in Stockholm that she took her first 200h certificate in Ashtanga yoga at the age of 20. A few years later Johanna went to Costa Rica to take another 500h certificate in Vinyasa yoga as well. She learned to love the creativity and the flow in Vinyasa yoga and today that is what she mostly teaches. Johanna has also trained in Yin yoga and finds that this practice creates a beautiful balance with her usual Yang practice. 

Johanna's classes are challenging but also soft so that the student is able to experience their practice through discipline and devotion as well as through self-love and kindness. Her ultimate goal with teaching yoga is to help people create harmony and peace within, where one can be free from the mind.

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