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Joost Leeflang

As humans, we inherently look for a sense of belonging in our lives; we want to feel connected to each other and ourselves. The pursuit of this connection is a fundamental part of our human experience and reveals itself in the formation of communities. Through my experience, I learned that people thrive with other people and collectively they hold the power to transform any vision into reality.

Therefore, I create and support organizations that cultivate connections and foster a sense of belonging. They empower people, drive change and results, and can ultimately have a profound impact on our society.

Today, I am a proud partner of Delight Group which connects three organizations: Wisdom in Business, The Inner Peace Conference, and Delight Yoga. Their shared purpose is to provide people with the opportunity to discover their own path towards inner peace and wisdom.

I’m inspired by finding strength in our commonalities while celebrating our diversity. When organizations are built from this standpoint, they become places to learn, grow, and drive the change we need for a new era of consciousness.

This new era presents abundant opportunities, but to use them, we will need a new type of leadership. That which is based on connection, learning, synchronicity, intuition, and dialogue. I believe by trusting others to follow their natural path and intuition, we can improve decision-making and balance in organizations.

Overall, the enjoyment of bringing people together and joining them by a cause is the driving force behind what I do and who I am. I believe in the power of the “we”, to flourish and to simply be.


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