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Josephine Jankowski

During childhood Josephine was introduced to yoga and spirituality while growing up within a creative nest. And since the creative existence tends to be slightly unconventional, she was taught from early age that life and its experiences are fluent and that things do not necessarily always turn out as expected.  She nowadays believes that this has left her with a sense of relativity and open-mindedness. The link with yoga seems obvious to her – a true yogi can only grow with an open mind and an open heart and perhaps that is what recently inspired her to start learning about and practicing yoga again.

She enjoys viewing a yogic lifestyle intertwined with creativity and believes that yoga has the ability to teach great personal lessons as it forces you to slow down and really feel. Since Josephine is quite the grandma inside, for her yoga seems to be the perfect antidote to the hectic world we all live in nowadays.

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