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Kimberly Poppe

Awareness Meditation

Kimberly has been immersed in Buddhist study and practice for the last 20 years and has received intensive personal instruction and training from some of the greatest teachers of our time. She has been teaching for almost 10 years now and she leads meditation workshops and retreats around the world, including an annual gathering of top business leaders in Australia.

Kimberly is passionate about sharing the authentic essence of the teachings on meditation and compassion in a way that is accessible, relevant and beneficial for everyone. She is described as an exceptionally clear, empathetic and experiential teacher. Her classes are personal, interactive, relaxed, warm and humorous. She wants people to feel empowered to establish their own personal practice and to integrate meditation into their everyday lives in a playful way—bringing more ease, spaciousness, and confidence.

Kimberly is also the co-founder of bodhi, an international community started in Amsterdam and dedicated to bringing a clear mind and an open heart into every aspect of our lives.

Born in America, Kimberly has been based in France for the past 15 years and recently moved to Amsterdam with her Italian husband. She is also an accomplished photographer, bringing together meditation and creativity through the lens of her camera.

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