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Kirsten van den Akker


Born in Tokyo, raised around the world. This Dutch woman fell in love with Yin yoga when she was struggling with a chronic health condition. Yin proved to be the answer to her recovery as it showed her how to work together as a team with the healing abilities of the body. Having experienced the impact of yoga firsthand she felt passionate to share this gift with others.


Kirsten loves diving into the intelligence of the body by bringing together the knowledge of yoga with Chinese Medicine as a holistic approach to optimize health. In her classes she pays special attention to the uniqueness of individuals and focuses on energy meridians, what they represent and how you can recognize which pose you need. She is often inspired by current themes from our daily life that our body, mind & heart respond to, and translates them into poses that help support you from the inside out. 


“Practicing Yin not only helps me on many physical levels but has also shown me to be very therapeutic. It has given me the tools to trust and listen to my body with compassion, to get to know myself on a deeper level, and most of all to reconnect with what makes me me.”


You will find Kirsten at Delight teaching Yin yoga, Mindfulness, and Yin/Yang classes. She is known to create a warm, personal atmosphere with her positive energy and encourages you to work together with all that you are, on and off the mat. 

Instagram: impactyoga
Website: impactyoga.nl


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