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Laura van Dansik

Laura took her first yoga class ever at Delight and this changed her whole experience with yoga and therefore with herself. “Wow this is challenging, it gives me joy and it’s so satisfying!” is what she thought.

She decided to practise yoga for a year and ended up doing a yoga Vinyasa teacher training in 2018. After she received the degree she started teaching, something she still loves to do.

This gave her a new exciting idea: she wanted to explore India, so in 2019 she went to India where she met Ayurvedic Dr. Arun Sharma and dharma/meditation guides Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie. They inspired and supported her step by step to grow in the loving and wise knowledge of life and her inner self. Also, Yoga Teacher Moena de Jong and founder of the Amethist Developing People: Gineke Sietsma, in the Netherlands inspired her to grow.

Ayurveda is the umbrella of Laura's interests and those parts are: philosophy, nutrition, massage, yoga and meditation. All of these aspects give her a beautiful challenge and adventure of practise to explore the physical, the heart and how to connect.

“Best of both worlds”, everything is reality. Important is to have space for opposite or contradictory believes without friction of thoughts. To practise a healthy mind selfstudy and complete acceptance, will give knowledge and clarity. “Ik voel, groei en bloei”, means "I feel to grow and blossom" is her motto.

From a shared vision and mission Laura is very happy to learn more at Delight and will do her best to serve everyone in their need as Host.



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Yoga & Mindfulness to Empower Emotional Wellbeing (50-hour Training) - Online

With Kristin Vikjord

Starting on 21 January 2022

Mindfulness to empower emotional wellbeing Would you like to boost your inner spark? Would you like to reduce stress or lockdown fatigue? Would you like to calm your mind and learn mindfulness fully?


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