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Lilian Kai

Astanga LedMysore Program

Lilian "Kai'' Vrolijk, born ( 28th november,  1987) and raised by the sea in Scheveningen. So water and it's fluidity play a big part in Lilian's life. Talking about surfing (read; messing around with a big board and mostly investigating the wave from underneath the surface) and traveling everywhere the ocean touches the shore. 

She got acquinted with yoga, as her mum showed her crazy poses from a young age.  She often found herself in headstands on the beach. But it was around her 18th that she rediscovered the yoga. She found that it's healing ability's and grounding powers,  as the dreamer that she is,  guided her back to magic that she thought was just a fairytail.

Natural healing and the bodily wisdom have her main interest, so she soon ventured on a Power Yoga teacher training in Utrecht with Tonnie Goes and started sharing her enthousiasm for Yoga at 19.

Over the years her love for knowledge of healing, guided her to the most beautifullest shala's with a lot of coconuts. Where she practised with amazing teachers, like Petri Raisanen and Prem & Rada Carlisi. She jumped into another amazing teacher training ( Asthanga vinyasa) in Eindhoven with Claudia Pradella and Manon Simonis.

She believes that everything that comes in through our senses is Food, and has the ability to either heal us or destroy us. And as eating plantfood is her hobby, she studied nutricion and orthomoluculair therapy. To create a fuller circle of natural healing, she also studied Holistic massage but her biggest healing/knowledge bomb was the gift of this little ninja mermaid girl though..

This is the best day ever!!! 

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