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Lisa Weijburg

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Lisa is a Studio Host and teacher at Delight Yoga. From the moment she was introduced to yoga she knew the yoga philosophy suited her. Having tried different yoga styles she has found that her heart is in Astanga Yoga, which she has been practicing intensively for the past two years.

During her travels to India, Cambodia, Australia and Cameroon Lisa has immersed herself in other cultures that have inspired her and made her flourish. She recognizes these beautiful energies in yoga practice. Lisa sees yoga as a true gift for oneself.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in History Lisa decided to focus her life on Yoga. She has completed a Hatha Yoga teacher training in Utrecht, a pre-teacher training with Govinda Kai at Delight Amsterdam and an Astanga teacher training with Kamal Singh in India to deepen her knowledge of Yoga.

As a Studio Host at Delight Yoga she wishes to inspire new students with her enthusiasm and spread the philosophy and beautiful energy of Yoga.

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