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Lisanne Rentier

Lisanne knew she had a passion for spirituality, travelling and local cultures from an early age. Thanks to her many travels she became very aware of her and other people’s spirituality and for her yoga is a way to connect to this spirituality. She sees yoga as a way to base and replenish her energy. She likes to remain close to herself and has a tranquil energy.

After an intense period, where she worked in sales at a travel agency and slowly lost track of her own ambitions and passions, she decided to go travelling again. She travelled through Nepal for three months and did Vipassana, where she meditated and did not speak for 10 days. During her Vipassana several things became clear. First and foremost: that it was time for change.

She decided to pursue her passions. With she connects travelling tourists and local people to help create a new, conscience, connected form of tourism. And with her work for Delight she is surrounded by spirituality and positive energy. Delight allows her to continue her development regarding yoga and she loves the inspiration of all the colleagues and people around her. She hopes to continue her personal growth and development working at Delight and is grateful for having this opportunity.

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