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Lovely Uhlenbeek

YinRestorative Yoga

Lovely’s journey on the spiritual path began on the age of 25. When she discovered the practice of meditation. Attending Zen meditation classes and Satsangs, she became fascinated with the question: ‘Who am I really?’. Self- inquiry became a very important part of her journey. She felt very much inspired by teachers like Adyashanti and Jeff Foster. And later on, also Mooji.

A few years later Lovely started taking yoga classes. She completely fell in love with the practice of yoga and how it supported her in her growth and healing. It felt like a tool for transformation.
She started out with practicing hatha yoga and later on, also yin- and restorative yoga.

After the death of her father in 2015, she felt a clear call to be a teacher and healer and to assist people on their journey of self-realization, healing and transformation. There was something that needed to be shared.

Lovely completed her yin teacher training at De Nieuwe Yoga School in Amsterdam with Johan Noorloos and Jose de Groot (200H) and Alison Melvin (50H). Also she studied restorative yoga with Alison Melvin (50H) and Veda Ela (100H).

Lovely teaches yin yoga at Delight Yoga.
She has a very gentle, meditative approach. Putting emphasis on self-inquiry, healing and the cultivation of self-care and self-love. She has a welcoming, peaceful energy. In her classes, you are invited to uncover the peace and love that is already there, within you. And rest here.
Often times, Lovely sings and plays guitar for her students in class to accompany them in their journey inward.

Lovely is also a guitarist and singer-songwriter. She studied guitar jazz/pop at the Conservatory of Alkmaar.

Quote: ‘Behold the love that you already are...’

Instagram: lovely_u_ams


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