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Martine de Groot

Martine lives in Scheveningen with her husband and daughter.
In 2006 she first came into contact with Hatha yoga and experiencing the deep operation. After the birth of her daughter in 2008, Martine wanted to study the supervision of children.

From a base as a professional musician and several years hatha yoga practice, it has developed into Children’s Yoga teacher. For this, they include training followed by Marjolein Tiemstra and Arterre. 

Since June 2012 she is also qualified Children’s Yoga therapist and thereby qualified to coach children individually through yoga. She has also finalized a four-year program to Holistic Educational Facilitator (2014).

Martine started her own practice “Kinderpracht” in 2011. Its deep motivation in working with children to see the eyes of every child rays. Let children prosper from their own strength, the beauty arises spontaneously, “Kinderpracht”. Martine regularly following workshops and courses in yoga and yoga for children, including in the Indian yogi Vijay Gopala, founder of Yoga Gita.

In August 2014 she has at Yoga Gita followed intensive kids yoga teacher training in Mysore, South India.

Meanwhile yoga been a natural part of Martine's daily life. It is her passion to provide an environment in which children can fully develop from itself, from balance and tranquility, gorgeous and completely if they are naturally.

Let children be happy, "happy for no reason."

We believe yoga is for everyone

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