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Mateo Hamann

Mateo Hamann was born in 1997 in New York. From early on, he was experimenting with photo and video cameras, growing up in a world of images and sounds, a lot of travelling, and three languages.  His mother is French, his father German. He has a natural born feel for color, composition, and rhythm. This talent started to show when he moved to Frankfurt, where the skyline inspired him to take his first pictures.


Two years later, he had his first solo museum exhibition. 2014 Oliver Obert, founder of Oceans & Company, hired Mateo to photograph Frankfurt for a new book that was published in 2016. Mateo’s creative spectrum has always included moving images. He studied film in Amsterdam and worked on projects for DFB, Porsche Sports Cup, and Radisson Blu, among others.


After his first class at Delight, Mateo fell in love with Yoga, because he realized how well it could clear the mind and make him think about the bigger picture. He felt really comfortable in the environment of great design, respect, and kindness that are very important to him. Mateo now works as a photographer and videographer for Delight Yoga, where he can follow his passion for film & photography.




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