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Mieke Meesen

Mieke Meesen (1973) is founder and owner of  “Rebalancing practice Mieke Meesen” since 2013. With a great curiosity about people, Mieke started her professional life as a portrait photographer. Her portraits are recognizable by the honesty and purity they reflect; www.miekemeesen.nl For assignments she visited lots of different people, places and environments, which were all very interesting experiences for her.


Her choice for photography, was partly based on her quest to find answers on seemingly simple questions like “how do I live a happy life” and “how do others do that”? She more and more realized that for an answer to that first question it was necessary to take a closer look at herself. To ask herself the question: "Where do I stand in life, what ideas and old assumptions do I have about life and how does my mind work?" In 2004 she started taking Rebalancing sessions which led to learning a lot about herself. She deeply processed her feelings and lost a large part of her fears and somber feelings. She found herself to become stronger, more open and above all happier and loving in life.


In 2010 she started her official training and education in Rebalancing which she finished in 2013. As a certified Rebalancer she supports people to make contact with their basic feelings and strengths, to experience freedom and inner peace, to find authenticity and restore vitality.


Mieke continues to develop herself also as a student at the Ridhwan and as assistant/student at the Centrum voor Tantra. Regularly she follows Masterclasses Rebalancing including: 2013 Burnout, 2014 Letting go, 2015 Burnout, 2015 Myofascial Release Training, 2017 Working with Trauma.

She shares her life with her love Richard.



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