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Mirjam Lieffering

Prenatal Yoga

For more than 20 years Mirjam is a passionate yogi. After a turbulent life, she completed the 500hrs Sivananda Teacher Training of two years. In the ashram of Swami Nirgunananda Saraswati, she received her spiritual name Mahasiddhi. She has followed numerous additional trainings and workshops. Her philosophy is, even as a teacher you are a student, and learning is a never-ending process.

Her love for yoga, the yogic lifestyle and yoga-mindset were formed in the '90s. After a snowboarding accident and shortly after that a severe car accident Mirjam entered the medical circuit. Years of intensive therapy followed, but two risky surgical operations were necessary. After these surgeries, she could finally heal and build up here life again. This is when she found yoga.

The meditation and positive experiences with the yoga exercises gave back her flexibility and strength, as well as a calm mind. Hereafter it became her mission (and passion) to use the many advantages of the yogic lifestyle to make the world a bit better. 

Mirjam's classes are varied, focused on improving the vitality of the body, slowing down the decline of the body and minimizing the chances of disease, by developing the body. Attention, inspiration, energy and gratitude are the four pillars that form the fundament of her classes.




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With Fleur Van Zonneveld

23 November 2019

New to Yoga?  This Introduction to Yoga Program is the perfect way to begin (or reawaken) your yoga practice! We offer you a 2-hours’ introduction session and 5 beginners’ classes (within 30 days of your intro) for only 60 euro.


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