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Mo Stipsen

HathaVinyasaYinYoga Basics,  Pranayama,  Yin Yang,  Restorative,  Mindfulness

His journey on this path started around the turn of the century and thanks to a progression of dedicated teachers his enthusiasm remains unabated.

Where the steady practice of Chinese martial arts failed, the philosophy of Ahimsa – nonviolence / peaceful action – hit home with him. Bhakti, or dedication to Love, is the driving force behind my personal development, inspired by his teachers Gosta van Dam, Patrick Vermeulen and David Lurey.

Mo remains an enthusiastic student of Yoga, following training courses on a yearly basis with international teachers. His classes are geared towards proper alignment and breathing, vigorous and unrestrained exercise and being present with awareness and love. These classes have a philosophical and physical theme.

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