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Nathalie Rasing

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As a Dutchie with Indonesian roots Nathalie feels the connection to Eastern wisdom and practices grow stronger with the years. 

She started her yoga practice in Amsterdam many years ago and quickly felt the urge to deepen her understanding by emerging herself in the 3-year Iyengar teacher training. While continuing the advanced Iyengar training she began to widen her practice of yoga and Eastern philosophy. A life changing shift occurred when she took a sabbatical to discover new realms and found her way to healing practices from Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga Nidra. Everything fell into place and she never felt more purposeful than when sharing these beautiful ancient practices. She now fills her life and heart by teaching and guiding people on that miraculous journey of self discovery.


Self discovery is also reflected in the Hatha classes Nathalie teaches. Through clear instruction you get a better understanding of your body in the context of the posture. Precision in the execution and alignment of your body reinforce this understanding. Props may be used to experience the posture in a very focused and conscious way, allowing you to understand the finesse of a pose. Your stamina and strength are put to the test, but there is always ample attention for deepening, stillness and recovery.


For Nathalie yoga is a way to true knowing of the self and she wishes to bring that forward in her her classes.


Instagram: nathalierasing


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