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Patricia Veltri & Elke Brouwers

About Patricia

Yoga has been in Patricia’s life for a long time. She was 9 years old when for the first time she saw someone practicing yoga. That person was her grandmother who, after living 6 months in an Ashram in India, came back and started practicing yoga every morning. From her, Patricia learned how to do the Lion’s breath and her first asanas.

Patricia is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and while living there yoga was one of the things she did to balance her busy life as a journalist. At that time she could never imagine that one day she would become a yoga teacher. It was when she came to Holland and saw her life in a totally different perspective that she felt the need to dive deeper into this path.


After becoming a dedicated practitioner of Iyengar with Charles Hond in Rotterdam, Patricia decided to learn more about yoga and in 2008 she did a Teacher Training in Ashtanga Power Yoga with Tonnie Goes in Montfoort. That’s when she started transitioning from being a practitioner to becoming a yoga teacher. In 2009, already with her diploma in hands, she started to give classes.


Even after finishing her first Teacher Training she could never stop studying and updating herself. Next to her other certificates she did workshops with international well-known teachers like David Williams, Kino Macgregor, Max Strom, Clayton Horton, David Lurey, Govinda Kai, Simon Park, Shiva Rea, and also with great Dutch teachers: José de Groot, Marlene Henny, Anoshe Overington and Nanda Peek. At the end of 2015, she will be finishing her Advanced Teacher Training 350 hrs with Katiza and Sahaj at Delight.



About Elke


Elke is a musician and devoted yoga practitioner. She has been singing from a young age. Music always showed her the door within. 


Via Hatha Yoga Elke met her teacher and guide Katiza Satya in 2007. After practising Tai Chi for years, Yoga allowed her to turn inwards even more. Inspired by Yoga, she came in contact with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga by Katiza Satya and Claudia Pradella. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga provided a solid foundation for her practice. After giving birth to her two children her body asked for a softer approach. Kevin Sahaj guided her into Healing Yoga and Yantra Yoga. She deepened her practice through classes and retreats including The Heart (Delight Advanced studies) and a study of mindfulness. She has received teachings from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Namkai Norbu Rimpoche, Amma and Lama Tsulstrim Allione. She studied the practice of ‘Feeding Your Demons’with Lama Tsultrim Allione.


Satya encouraged her to open her heart by singing. Her first encounter with the singing of mantras was with Anand Nigam during an Ashtanga retreat on Bali in 2009. This felt like coming home. Over the years singing became her Sadhana. Sahaj motivated her to open herself to the Bhakti Yoga. She is inspired by Jahnavi Harrison, Kirtana, Krishna Das and Bada Hari Das. Elke sings mantras and writes songs from the heart. When Elke sings her voice invites you to turn within, to light your torch and light all places in your body which need to be touched. 


“The first thing we did when we entered this world is we opened our mouth and we took a breath of this air. And when we let this air out we let out a sound, a cry, our voice that was set out. Your voice, that sound, that vibration went out and introduced you to all of nature, all of this world, as well as all the way into the universe. Announcing, you are here in this world. That established your voice”. Mona Polacca


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