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Quinten de Haas

General Manager

What brought you to Delight?
“I never actually thought I would ever be working for a yoga studio, but somehow now I’m here and I’m enjoying myself very much. I started working with the Delight family when Delight Agency still existed, we assisted other companies in developing strategies and identities. At some point, we felt that there was just too much going on and that we needed more focus in everything we were doing, so we decided to direct all our attention to Delight Yoga and closed the Agency. Since then, I have been responsible for the business side of things, the operational stuff and our online activities. I believe it is my job to make sure that our teachers, studio managers and hosts can do their jobs with the least amount of distractions, so that they can focus on assisting our students.

How did yoga cross your path? 
“Yoga crossed my path because of my new role at Delight Yoga, before that I had almost zero experience with yoga. But then, it slowly but surely became a part of my life. It started with the physical aspect of the practice that I really liked, I quickly noticed the benefits for my body. For example, old injuries were healed and I felt stronger in general. It was not until later I also experienced the mental benefits, I now try to incorporate the practice and insights also into my daily life.”

What is your favourite style? 
“Definitely Astanga yoga. I still love a strong and physical practice. For me, yoga still has to feel a little bit like working out, I like the satisfactory sensation of ‘having done something’ that I get after practice. This in combination with breathing and the nice relaxing environment also supports me to calm down my mind and to become more focused. When practicing Astanga, I can leave my day behind and I can stop worrying about stuff. And of course, the 15 minutes of pure relaxation at the end (savasana) certainly helps.”

What is your morning ritual? 
“To be very honest, I am not really a morning person. I prefer to be active in the evening, and try to sleep in as much as possible. So don’t expect to see me in a studio in the morning, I am probably still finishing my breakfast and reading a newspaper by the time the first classes have already finished.”

What is your favourite mantra or quote?
“What I noticed is that I say “it will be alright” a lot. I believe that whatever happens in life, it always will be ok. I like to think I am good at putting things in perspective, and this definitely helps in dealing with all kinds of situations or issues, big or small. This is something very valuable to me as it helps me to release stress, especially since I believe no good things come from feeling stressful. I also hope I can pass this way of looking at things on to the people around me.

What would you recommend your best friend to integrate in her or his life? (why?)
“Enjoy things more conscious, don’t take these things for granted. Whether it is a nice diner, a great vacation or your bike ride to work, it is so easy to experience these things on auto pilot, but I believe the experience is way more valuable if you actually consciously enjoy these moments.

What is your secret skill?
My secret skill is that I’m really good at observing everything that is going on around me. I think this helps me in understanding situations quickly and act upon them. This is actually pretty useful in my job at Delight Yoga since a lot of things are happening at the same time.


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The Mind Retreat

With Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj

01 January 2021

1 January - 10 January 2021, Mandali, Italy An unique opportunity to dive within the Infinite Universe of the Mind, guided by Katiza Satya & Kevin Sahaj in a 10 days retreat. Introduction This Retreat is a silent 10 days training where we’ll investigate the Mind as true scientist within our own laboratory.

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