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Rania de Vroedt

Prenatal Yoga

Rania has always had a passion for teaching and children. When she decided to take the path to become a Yoga teacher in 2013, she did so to become a children's and Prenatal Yoga teacher. Her path led her through an Anusara inspired Yoga Teacher Training, led by Julia
Schlenkert in Essen, Germany.


After completing her 200-hour Teacher Training she moved on to complete her Birthlight Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, during the pregnancy of her second daughter. The love for mothering the mother further made her take the step into a doula training.


Creating a safe space for mothers, making them feel understood and support them on their path through the beginnings of motherhood, is what inspires Rania in her Yoga journey. Her classes are a balance of the deeper understanding of the pregnant and birthing body,
relaxation, breathing and strengthening exercises.


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