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Remco de Groot


Remco de Groot has been on the yoga path for about twenty years. In the beginning yoga and meditation have helped him to enjoy more peace of mind and self-confidence. Soon he discovered that the ancient discipline of yoga helps to expand awareness of life, providing a wide variety of tools for self-transformation. 

He was lucky to receive unique life teachings by Baba Kanhai en Werner Kanhai at their Lisplein yoga center in Rotterdam. After more than ten years as a yoga student sharing his knowledge became a natural step. Recently he has deepened his yoga knowledge by studying with Vijay Gopala and other teachers at Yoga Gita. By applying tools from the traditions of hatha yoga, kriya yoga and kundalini yoga he motivates everyone to experience life completely. The main prerequisite is the willingness to free yourself from physical limitations and outdated mind patterns.

In his daily practice Remco likes to integrate elements of yoga, meditation and martial arts. Since five years he also shares his insights during individual sessions.

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