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Rolandjan Van Mulligen

YinMeditationYin Yang,  Restorative,  Mindfulness

For over 15 years Rolandjan has been exploring various Yoga and Meditation forms in-depth, such as Yin Yoga, Vipassana and the art of 'just Being', while also studying and practicing several therapeutic systems like focussing and therapeutic breathwork. He has had the privilege to have met and still meet many profound teachers on his way, where he feels innumerable gratitude for, each of them able to help him deepen his experiential understanding of true Yoga, self-realisation, and Meditation. 


As he moved in life he met many profound teachers on his way, each of them able to help him deepen his understanding of yoga and meditation, before finally arriving on the path of Advaita Vedanta, the teachings of non-duality. Some of his teachers are Mooji, Ferry Maidman (Focussing), Anat Geiger (Yin Yoga), Adyashanti, Pia, and Ramana Maharshi. 


Nowadays he both practices and shares Yoga and Meditation, breathwork and embodied inquiry, as a way to move into self-inquiry; a means to dive deeply within ourselves and explore who or what we truly are. His invitation is to come to discover our true self beyond all cultural and personal conditioning, or any limiting belief and idea. To know experientially that we are the timeless source of real peace, joy and true love.


Rolandjan is also offering one on one sessions called 'guidance into Presence'.
In each session there is room to share what seems to block you from feeling content, joyous and peaceful. With the help of meditation, self inquiry, and simple exercises Rolandjan will assist you in focussing the attention from a limited personal state of mind into our natural state of peaceful presence. Feeling home and happy again within yourself.

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Circular Breathwork Course - Online

With Rolandjan Van Mulligen

Starting on 03 February 2021

Do you wish to be more centred in your body instead of lost in your restless mind? Do you long for true peace and inner stability and to leave behind the worries, anxiety, and mental and emotional stress? Is there a wish to truly come home to yourself, find contentment that does not depend on circumstances?


€ 95

I Am: Meditation Course - Online

With Rolandjan Van Mulligen

Starting on 23 March 2021

This course is for those who are devoted to finding true, unfading peace within. A peace that is always there, but is often overlooked. We tend to give so much attention to thought-activity that we miss the peaceful I Am state of Being. That serene inner aliveness which is prior to thought and emotion.


€ 120

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