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Roos Bremer

After working as a project manager in the hectic world of advertising there came a point when Roos wanted to step back. In retrospect, she sees this “time out” as super valuable. The process in this period was her quest for balance and inner peace, in which yoga played a key role. Through her daily practice she came closer to herself, she met her boundaries and found again her (inner) power. A power arising from vulnerability…

Roos sees yoga as the path of awareness and growth. From this realization, she decided to say goodbye to her old world and follow her heart to work in an environment with like-minded people with the same love for yoga.

As a studio host Roos wants to share her enthusiasm and passion for yoga and let everyone in the studio feel welcome and loved. Meanwhile, she’s deepening her knowledge and practice and will start a teacher training soon

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The Path of Astanga Yoga

With Claudia Pradella & Eva Ugolini

Starting on 16 December 2017

An In-depth study of Primary Series in its traditional method as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore.   Through the direct experience of teachers who have been part of this Astanga Vinyasa lineage for a long time, you will be guided through the deeper experience of this unique system based on a one-to-one approach