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Sandra Zappeij

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Sandra loves to move and adventure. If she's not on her surfboard, then she stands on her yoga mat. For Sandra, surfing and yoga have a lot in common. Waiting for the right wave is as a meditation. It is a form of 'being', staring at the water, sitting on your board. And as 'your' wave finally comes, you can do nothing but surrender to the energy of the sea. Each wave again, as each wave is different. And so it is with yoga too, every time you step on the mat you have a different experience. The one time you experience more balance, other times you feel agile or not.

The beauty of the sea is that the sea does not judge how you drive your wave. And this is also something that yoga can bring says Sandra.

"In our daily lives, we are so used to have an opinion, especially when it concerns ourselves. Yoga shows you where you are with yourself at that time. Meditation and physical movements of yoga brings you, without judgment, in touch with your inner ocean, full of beauty". Exploring together, each in his own inner ocean, that's what Sandra wants to offer her yoga classes.

Sandra started in 2006 doing Vinyasa Yoga at Yoga Dreams in Zaandam. In 2014 she took her first classes at Delight Yoga with Adela Serrano who awakened the flame to teach herself. 

Sandra completed her 200h Teacher Training at Yoga Moves (Utrecht) in 2015 (with i.a. Hilary Brown, Marlene Henny and Sandra Carson). In 2016 she followed the 50h module Art of Asana: Basic Alignment of Delight Yoga, with Adela Serrano and Sandra Carson. In the autumn of 2016 she continues with the 50-hrs module Art of Asana: Energetic Alignment Sandra Carson.

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